Liels un mazs - ar mīlestību pret bērniem, ar cieņu pret vecākiem


LIELS UN MAZS is an independent, family-owned children’s book
publisher founded in 2004, based in Rīga, Latvia. Since the very
beginning, our focus has been on publishing contemporary picture
books and quality fiction created by the most talented Latvian writers
and illustrators.

We also publish a great deal of poetry for children, because we love the
way poetry plays with language and invites children to play along with
it. We publish books to develop children’s artistic and literary taste and
to enrich their reading experience.

In these dark times, our books more than ever help children stay calm,
understand, and accept the world, themselves, and their emotions. But
books also take the currently impossible and make it possible: travelling,
meeting friends, and taking a break from non-stop online mode.

We also publish a list of thoughtfully selected translations from the
best children’s authors, including Piret Raud, Kęstutis Kasparavičius,
Barbro Lindgren, Ulf Stark, Sven Nordqvist, Maria Parr, Carll Cneut,
Kitty Crowther, Janosch, Claude Ponti, André Letria, Jacques Vriens,
Shaun Tan, Edward van de Vendel, Andri Snær Magnason, Romana
Romanyshyn, and Andriy Lesiv.

In 2014, we successfully launched the sale of rights, and now our books
have been translated into English, German, Russian, Spanish, Korean,
Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese, Swedish, and other languages.

In 2021, we were shortlisted for the Bologna Prize for the Best Children’s
Publishers of the Year for Europe for the fourth year in a row.

CEO and publisher Alīse Nīgale,, +37129158438
Rights manager Kristīne Jonuša,, +37126734688